If your vehicle isn’t running optimally, there’s likely some wear and tear that needs to be fixed. Here are some of the basic indicators that there’s room for repair to be installed in almost any vehicle.


Gear shifts are not sticking


Whenever you shift gears, you should feel a clear cut position where the gear shift sticks to. If they move around and don’t feel sturdy, this is a serious issue that needs to be resolved immediately.


Tire pressure


One of the simpler fixes, this should be resolved fairly quickly. You simply need to find the PSI often located on the bottom of the driver-side door panel. Then, you can inflate at most gas stations or any nearby mechanics very easily. However, if there’s a leak that is observed, patching this will be tricky.


Through close examination and detail, you can repair a tire pressure issue yourself. It’s advisable to take your time with this and do a bit of research before you get started on repairing the tire though, and check the results before operating the vehicle. If still unsure, take in your vehicle to a mechanic and take the time more to prepare.


Strange engine noises


These come up often and indicate a myriad of different issues. Sometimes they can be simple fixes, while others can be very serious and may need replacements. The best route to pursue these is to take the vehicle in for an inspection with multiple different mechanics. Depending on the varying levels of experience, you’ll likely get different recommendations on how to proceed. From there, you’ll can formulate what’s within your budget to do next.

Smog checks


If you are getting your vehicle smog checked in the near future, give us a call today and we can get you situated today. We’re really looking forward to seeing you soon!