A smog check is a vital part of vehicle maintenance as well as taking a step ahead to preserve the environment. 

Ever since the laws and regulations for vehicles which are high on smog are strengthened, they have been of great benefit to reducing the pollution and smog levels in the entire United States. 


Therefore, Smog Check in California is not only helping to establish control over the number of pollutants in the air but also assists to keep a check on the vehicles that should not be permitted to move on roads causing the high level of pollution.


However, depending upon the condition of your vehicle, you may have to go through three different options for choosing an authorized station which is recommended by the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) in California. 


First are the test stations which are only for smog tests and not for any repairs or diagnostic checks. Second, we have test and repair stations that can help you with checks and repairs for making your car stay under the vehicle smog guidelines. 


The third type of smog station which you may need is the authorized emission-related checks that only work on the emission of the vehicles. When your vehicle goes through a smog check at an authorized place like Star Smog Station, your vehicle would be inspected for so many different components. It may need to work on emission systems, engine lights, fuel systems, tailpipe emissions, and onboard diagnostics and it is necessary that your vehicle should pass all the visual checks and functional inspections to get certified for smog limits. 


Though there are different sets of conditions for which your vehicle is considered eligible for checks. 


For instance, if you are driving a vehicle that is 20 or more years old with a hybrid, flex-fuel, or gas power source, then it may necessarily need a smog check. While for vehicles that are no older than 6 years, then in such case you can skip the need to visit a smog station. So, if you are still having any doubt regarding the smog check and its importance to driving on the highways, make sure you search for a “Smog Near me” to get professional assistance.